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Expanded In-House Battery Services

May 2019

Duncan Aviation has more than doubled its aircraft battery shop space to nearly 1,400-square-feet at its Lincoln, Nebraska, location. The expansion includes the addition of a new battery cooler, twice as much bench space, and new advanced test sets, including 2400w programmable DC electronic load banks, lead acid analyzers, and main NiCad charger analyzers.

With this extra space, Duncan Aviation’s battery team has increased productivity with streamlined production processes and improved safety by reducing the risk of injury to team members or damage to batteries and equipment.

This equipment includes every test set, battery charger, and capacity gauge available to perform capacity checks, testing, and maintenance for every aircraft battery in service on business aircraft in use today. The shop sees 85 to 100 batteries each week, and on average 75 percent are checked, charged, and returned to customers within five days.

About 45% of all the batteries received in the shop come from international customers including aircraft operators, OEMs, industry partners, competitors, and international military.

Added space isn’t the only growth this team has experienced. In the last five years, they have more than doubled their team to seven technicians, all of whom have an electronics degree, an A&P certificate, or both.

Brian Teeters, Team Leader, says the demand for in-house battery service has multiplied as Duncan Aviation has grown. “When the Lincoln facility added two new maintenance hangars in 2014, the battery shop saw an increase in business from aircraft on-site for maintenance.”

This growth has continued with the addition of the new Duncan Aviation maintenance hangar in Provo, Utah. The 251-square-foot battery shop at that location has dedicated rooms for both lead acid and NiCad battery services.

To inquire about Duncan Aviation’s aircraft battery services, call a Duncan Aviation accessories customer account representative at 800.228.4277.