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Falcon 7X & Some 8X Aircraft Facing ELT Obsolescence

June 2024

Image (2).jpgSupport for the original Honeywell RESCU 406 AFN ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) in all of the Falcon 7X and many of the Falcon 8X aircraft has been discontinued. Honeywell has discontinued production and repair of the unit and the battery. Owner/operators will need to upgrade to a new RESCU 406 AFN2 ELT to avoid a failure on the current ELT. Even reprogramming the ELT in the event of a change of registration number (N number) is becoming difficult.

The upgrade entails removing the existing ELT, putting an adapter plate/mounting plate into the rack, and mounting the new ELT. It will then need to be programmed and configured, as well.

There is a Dassault Service Bulletin providing a certification path for the upgrade.

Contact Duncan Aviation’s Senior Avionics Sales Rep Mike Morgan (Mike.Morgan@DuncanAviation.com or +1 269-968-8630) for more information on upgrading your ELT. Or request a quote on your upgrade.