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Falcon 900 & 2000: Clearing the Air on Corrosion Inhibiting Compound Application

September 2019

Duncan Aviation has had quite of few questions from Dassault Falcon Jet operators on the required vs. optional application of CIC (corrosion inhibiting compounds) during their various maintenance events.


Airframe Maintenance Manual  task cards 51-00-00-200-801/802/803, which are chapter 5-10 inspection requirements, give instructions during the 12M, 24M, or 1C inspections to check that the CIC covers the full area required and if not, mandatorily  touch up or perform a full CIC application to the affected areas mentioned in the table.


On the optional side, Dassault Falcon Jet provides various complementary maintenance Service Bulletins (481, 551, 431 and 461) to be performed at the 1C inspection that applies CIC to various structural elements with related task cards to be done to insure the integrity of this CIC during future inspections.

One final tip: During the 1C inspection, read task card 51-00-00-200-803 carefully. Note that only paragraph 3(A) is required during the 1C inspection.  Paragraph B and subsequent is only for aircraft in which the related optional Service Bulletin has been applied.