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Five Reasons To Consider A Change In Aircraft Fleet Composition

April 2024
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Whether your department is considering an upgrade or an addition to the fleet, there are many factors associated with the decision to purchase a business jet or turboprop aircraft.

  1. Aging Fleet. As aircraft age, dispatch reliability is impacted to a greater degree. Flight departments are increasingly plagued by obsolete equipment and supply chain issues, resulting in increased downtime.

  2. Change in Mission Profile. If the principal is seeking to carry more passengers, luggage is regularly stretching capacity, or more fuel stops are required due to payload constraints or changes to the mission profile, it may be time to explore a larger cabin aircraft with extended range.

  3. Short-Field capabilities. When acquiring a new home or business enterprise in a more remote location served by a smaller airport, a business jet or turboprop with short-field capabilities may be required to access it efficiently.

  4. Upcoming Major Inspection. If your jet is due for a major inspection, overhaul, or costly upgrade soon, it may be an excellent time to sell your aircraft before incurring those expenses.

  5. Increased Flight Hours and Longer Flight Segments. If the principal prefers that all flights be operated in-house, but increased flight hours and longer-distance missions result in regular outsourcing, it is time to consider a larger aircraft or an increase in fleet size.

However, smaller flight departments often have less operational and budget flexibility and tend to hold onto aircraft longer. Directors of Maintenance, Chief Pilots, and Directors of Aviation for smaller departments often wear more than one hat and must respond quickly to a variety of challenges. They do not always have the time or the tools to quickly and efficiently research all the necessary parameters to prepare and present a fleet planning or market analysis to the principal.

That’s where a reputable aircraft sales and acquisitions team can be a valuable partner to assist your flight department with responding to requests from the principal by providing quick, actionable intelligence derived from an extensive array of resources. With detailed and accurate analysis of critical factors, including performance parameters, cabin layouts, fixed and variable operating costs, market conditions, and maintenance budget projections, a small department can present the gathered intelligence needed by the principal(s) to empower an informed decision.  

Benefits of aircraft acquisition and broker services

Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Team

Duncan Aviation has a team of market researchers, data analysts, import/export specialists, marketing experts, modification and engineering representatives, and the industry’s most experienced airframe/engine/component technical representatives. They have a toolbox of sophisticated subscription-based programs, model comparison programs, internal data, and other resources, including:  

  • Detailed data and market conditions of on-and off-market aircraft options
  • Comprehensive aircraft model comparisons to aid in selecting the right aircraft for the mission
  • Proprietary budget projections for upcoming maintenance events derived from years of out-the-door costs for inspection programs on a wide range of models
  • Evaluation of aircraft systems for issues related to obsolescence
  • Inspection status and component cycle evaluation
  • ROM pricing for upcoming inspections, desired modifications/upgrades, or cosmetic improvements on specific serial numbers.

Consider a visit to one of Duncan Aviation’s three full-service MRO facilities to review and compare aircraft options side-by-side. The Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Team is happy to set up an executive briefing for your department and/or your principal to answer questions, view and compare different aircraft models, and provide a summary analysis to help familiarize you with a particular aircraft or market segment.

Duncan Aviation MRO locations

To learn more about the services offered by Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Department. Contact us at aircraftsales@duncanaviation.com.

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