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General Electric SB 73-0063: Fuel Valve Thrust Bushing

September 2012

General Electric SB 73-0063 was issued to replace the fuel valve thrust bushing due to wear. This condition has been known to cause the following: high Inner Turbine Temperature during start or at idle, fuel flows that hang between 500 to 800 PPH during deceleration, inability to decelerate to idle speeds during flight, stiff throttle movement or inability to start.

Although no fuel control failures for this part have been seen prior to 10,000 hours of service, GE is recommending this category 2 SB be complied with as soon as possible but before the fuel control has accumulated 10,000 hours. If the fuel control has been modified to GE SB 73-0044, the intent of 73-0063 has been met.
There are various part number fuel controls that are affected by SB 73-0063. For more information about this Service Bulletin, contact me anytime.