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Hawker Landing Gear: Always Go The Extra Mile

July 2018

Hawker landing gear have quite a few moving parts. To keep them all moving smoothly, cleanliness and proper lubrication cannot be overemphasized.

Hawker Landing GearThe bearing shown left was found during a MLG (main landing gear) side stay removal on a Hawker that still had a lot of time before the landing gear overhaul. Both bearings in this upper side stay arm required replacement due to corrosion and pitting.

The Aircraft Flexible Maintenance Schedule requires the landing gear to be lubricated at 200 hour intervals. Due to environmental conditions and utilization of the aircraft, this might not be often enough.

There is an old saying about Hawkers "You can't over-lubricate the landing gear." Cleanliness and consideration for more frequent lubrication can help to reduce the premature replacement of parts.