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KFC 400 Autopilot: Common System Squawks

April 2018

The BendixKing KFC 400 Autopilot System is a full autopilot package found on the Learjet 31A and King Air aircraft. We are an authorized BendixKing service center and have seen this system in our avionics repair shop many times.

Here are some of the most common squawks we see:

  • The backlighting panels are prone to degrading over time and may go dim or completely fail. We have these parts readily available for a quick repair.
  • Servo brushes have a life limit. We are able to perform brush checks on all servos, giving you an indication of the approximate life left.
  • Many autopilot computer squawks are a result of old electrolytic capacitors: Loss of an axis channel, oscillations in the servo, weak or no drive to servo, computer valids inoperative, just to name a few. We have all capacitors in stock and change them on every overhauled unit, resulting in less downtime to the customer.

Duncan Aviation’s BendixKing capabilities include the computer, mode controller, servos, mode selectors, trim adapter, rudder boost, yaw damper, heading and course controller, and air data systems.

We also have full capabilities on the MST-67A Mode S transponder and EFIS 40/50 system.