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Proper ART-2000/2100 Radar Shutdown Procedures to Prevent Unwanted Squawks

October 2023

If your ART-2000 or ART-2100 screen is blank, only showing half a screen, sending you FAIL messages, or creating a noise/vibration when getting powered down, you may not be following proper shutdown procedures.

In accordance with Service Aids for both ART-2000 and ART-2100, the following steps need to be followed to prevent these squawks.

When shutting down the radar system:

  1. Turn the Mode switch to STANDBY
  2. Wait at LEAST five (5) seconds before turning the switch to OFF

If the antenna does not have time to move to the center parked position, some noise and/or vibration may be noticeable when the system is turned off.

Failure to pause in the STANDBY position when turning the system off may cause the above stated squawks if the system is rapidly turned back on.