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PW306C/PW306B Engine Oil Leaks

September 2010

I recently ran across an issue with an oil leak on a Pratt & Whitney engine and felt it would be to everyone’s benefit to clarify my findings.

With the top cowl off, the oil leak was evident at the top of the intermediate case and running down the side. A possible source is the speed (N1) sensor wiring harness assembly. In the PW306B & PW306C engine, the speed sensor is behind the fan and inside the #1 bearing cavity. A harness is then connected to the two speed sensors and fed through the intermediate case via the #1 bearing oil vent line. At the top, two gaskets sandwich the harness canister while the vent line continues on to the oil filler neck.

The speed sensor cover plate and electrical connector potting holes can leak oil. Per SB 25369, the fix is to install a new and improved speed sensor harness and new gaskets. The problem is the fan needs to come off and there is no commercial support program providing labor support from P&W at this time.   

If you have a PW 306A engine on your Gulfstream, the speed sensor is in the opposite end of the engine.


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