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Terminating Action For Bombardier Challenger 600 Series MLG Shock Strut Lower Pin Inspection

April 2024

Challenger MLG Shock Strut lower pin inspection.pngIn October 2021, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) released AD (Airworthiness Directive) 2021-20-13 to address the cracking of the MLG (main landing gear) shock strut lower pin on Bombardier Challenger 604, 605, and 650 fleets.

Bombardier Aerospace has redesigned this dynamic joint to improve reliability and the intention to terminate the repeat inspection by complying with SBs (Service Bulletins) SB604-32-030, SB605-32-008, and SB650-32-005.

In December 2023, the FAA published an AMOC (Alternate Method Of Compliance) for AD 2021-20-13, allowing for the previously mentioned SBs to be the terminating action for the repetitive inspection. As of March 12, 2024, the FAA released AD 2024-03-06, the final terminating action for the repeat inspections.

Duncan Aviation has complied with these SBs many times and is ready with tooling to comply with them on your Challenger 600 series aircraft. These can be accomplished on-wing or during a landing gear restoration.

Ask your Duncan Aviation Challenger Airframe Service Sales Rep to add this to your next workscope.