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TFE731 Update on Service Bulletin 72-5194 for -40 & -60 Engines

January 2010

In a previous article, I discussed the incorporation of SB 72-5194 to extend the TFE731-40 and -60 engines to the 3000 hour MPI and 6000 hour CZI intervals. MSP will pay for this bulletin at the next MPI.

Special Program #77

For non-MSP operators, Honeywell offers Special Program # 77 to incorporate this bulletin at the next MPI for a considerable discount off of list price. Non program operators will need to note the original Transition Duct part number. If the original base number is not a 3060694, the price to comply with this bulletin goes up considerably.

Service Bulletin Parts

SB 72-5194 is a significant upgrade that consists of the following parts:

  • Reworked Transition Duct
  • Reworked A-5 nozzle
  • Improved ITT Harness
  • Improved HP Turbine Shroud Segments (full set)
  • Improved HP Turbine Nozzle Segments (full set)
  • Improved LPT1 Shroud Segments (full set)

For questions about this or other Technical issues, contact your Duncan Aviation TFE731 Tech Reps.