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The Importance of Tool Control

August 2015

Image 1: Socket extension damage
Image 2: Hydraulic line chafing from FOD

Duncan Aviation recently had a Hawker arrive for a pre-purchase evaluation. During the general visual inspection in the rear bay, an airframe technician noticed a socket extension lying across several hydraulic lines. When the extension was removed, two hydraulic lines were found to be more than 75% chafed through. If this would not have been caught in time, the extension would have eventually chafed through the lines and depleted the main hydraulic system. 

An effective Tool Control/FOD system would have most likely prevented this potentially costly failure. The potential for a problem is not limited to tools being left in the aircraft. Pieces of hardware and safety wire left in an aircraft also pose a hazard. Retrieval of dropped hardware and safety wire clippings is essential.

Having an inventory of tools prior to starting a task and ensuring that all tools are accounted for at the end of the task or at the end of the work day is the best way to ensure that no foreign objects are left in the aircraft.