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What Is The Shelf Life And Warranty On My Collins Aerospace Goodrich® Pneumatic De-icers?

October 2021

Many factors, such as storage conditions or the opening and resealing of the original container, can affect shelf life of de-icers. As a rule, de-icers should be used “on condition,” regardless of age.  The term “on condition” means there is no set shelf life on Collins Aerospace Goodrich® de-icers; however, after a storage period of 60 months from the cure date, the factory warranty begins to expire and an inspection may be required prior to use. To ensure full on-wing warranty is attained, installation is recommended prior to the end of the 60-month timeframe. After the warranty expires, the deicer can still be deemed airworthy and installed through inspection in accordance with Goodrich® ATA 30-10-31.

The cure date of the de-icer, which is the date of manufacture, can be found on the original box as well as the de-icer laser brand (shown below), which is typically located on the lower inboard edge of the de-icer.

Deicer 1.pngIf stored correctly, Collins Aerospace Goodrich® deicers can remain in a serviceable condition for many years beyond the warranty period.  De-icers should be stored in the original box and heat-sealed bag in a dry place at temperatures between 40-80°F (4-27°C).

On-wing factory warranty timeframe is as follows:

  • Business/General Aviation Aircraft: 5 years or 3,000 flight hours from date of installation, whichever occurs first
  • Regional Aircraft: 3 years or 4,000 flight hours from date of installation, whichever occurs first

The below figure demonstrates the warranty timeline as applied to a business or general aviation aircraft.

Deicer 2.png

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