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Have You Replaced Your Handheld Halon Type 1211 Portable Fire Extinguishers?

June 2023

P3APP003010D_HAFEX Halon Fire Extinguisher.pngDue to environmental concerns over the high ozone depletion rate of Halons (halogenated hydrocarbons), the Halon 1211 agent used in portable fire extinguishers on aircraft, went out of production in 1994.  Since then, all new Halon 1211 extinguishers have been filled with recycled Halon 1211. 

In 18 months, we will reach 2025, and both European Regulations and United States 3rd party listings have deadlines that impact portable fire extinguishers containing Halon 1211 on aircraft.

In the United States, the FAA AC 20-42D, Hand Fire Extinguishers for use in Aircraft regulation, requires all extinguishers on aircraft to be UL-listed (Underwriter Laboratories). After January 2025, no new UL-listed Halon 1211 extinguishers will be manufactured, and thus no new spares will be available for existing Halon 1211 extinguishers.

European Environmental Regulations’ deadline to replace Halon 1211 extinguishers is December 31, 2025.

New production commercial aircraft moved away from Halon 1211 handhelds several years ago. With the upcoming changes in both the US and EU markets, now is the time for the general aviation market to make the switch.

Do not delay in finding a Halon alternative extinguisher for your aircraft.

Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotables Sales offers the HAFEX Halon Alternative Fire Extinguisher (P/N: P3APP003010D) available for sale. It is lightweight with a 12-year lifespan. It carries a UL 5B:C rating and is FAA-approved. 

Always review the requirements of your aircraft before purchasing your Halon alternative fire extinguisher.