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Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Honeywell ED800 EFIS Display

January 2024

HW ED 800 EFIS 7003110-902.jpgAlthough the Honeywell ED800 EFIS Display has been dropped from MSP, many business aircraft continue to fly successfully with this unit. With Duncan Aviation’s Component Services, they can have many more years of useful life.

As a Honeywell Authorized Service Facility, Duncan Aviation Component technicians have many years of hands-on experience working on the ED800 display. The most common squawks seen are dimming or burn-in CRT and intermittent power supplies and PC boards.

CRT Display. Over time, CRT displays are highly susceptible to burn-in caused by the continual bombardment of electrons in one spot, burning the image into the screen. Also, over time and in general use, the CRT can become dim and fail the overall brightness characteristics required for service. When this happens, the CRT will require replacement.

Duncan Aviation has an available inventory of CRTs for the ED800. 

Power Supply and PC Boards.  Refurbished power supplies and PC boards for the ED800 are tough to find. And if located, it comes at a very high price. Duncan Aviation technicians have the skills and experience to repair and revitalize a power supply and PC board at the component level at a significant savings to the operator. The only alternative is to have the ED800 unit declared BER (beyond economical repair) and purchase a new EFIS display.  

Duncan Aviation Component Services. Duncan Aviation Component Services fully supports the ED800 EFIS with repair, overhaul, and rotable parts inventory, including CRTs. The flat rate fee includes all parts and labor to repair the PC board, power supply, and, when necessary, replace the CRT.

Avionics Satellite Network.  Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Satellites are located across the county, ready to assist with ED800 EFIS exchanges and installation with minimum downtime. Our teams can also travel to your aircraft base airport to swap the failing CRT or, if needed, ship the part to our Lincoln, Nebraska, facility for repair.