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MSP Avionics and Mechanical Components (HAPP) Flight Hour Overage Charges

October 2022

How Did We Get Here?

Do you remember when you finally felt the worst of the pandemic was over? You got your spare tires serviced. You knocked out your due-lists. You even went back to updating your databases every 14 days. In the flurry of flying that followed some flight departments returned to a normal schedule. Many other flight departments actually flew more than normal as owners wanted to keep their people off the airlines. This increase in flight hours caused about 16% of MSP Avionics customers to overfly their reported flight hours on their MSP Avionics (formerly HAPP) contract.  Honeywell uses a third party to accurately track its MSP Avionics flight hours. Recently Honeywell sent a notice to its MSP Avionics dealers that some customers would see a charge for this overage.

First and Foremost

Under any MSP Avionics contract is listed the estimated flight hours as reported by the operator when they set up the contract. The operator has a responsibility to update these flight hours as their schedule dictates. These can be reported directly to Honeywell or updated with your MSP Avionics Honeywell dealer.


Honeywell proactively applies the contractual grace hours and high hour discounts, where applicable.

What Is Next?

Dealers have received a list of customers who have overflown their contract hours by more than the 29 grace hours. They will be issuing a supplemental invoice for the total overflown hours that will incorporate the applicable one-time concessions.