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Duncan Aviation Engineering & Certification Services

Good ideas drive innovation, but without proper evaluation, planning, testing, and certification by experts, they’ll only be good ideas.

Let Duncan Aviation help make your idea a reality. For the past 30 years, our engineers and certification experts have provided the design data and supporting documentation required to certify many types of alterations.

Through close collaboration with Duncan Aviation’s ODA (Organization Designation Authorization), the ECS team provides data, documentation, and approvals for aircraft modifications including interior alterations, avionics installations and upgrades, and government and special missions projects.

We provide engineering, certification, and consulting services to aviation OEMs, vendors, private aircraft owners and operators, and commercial aerospace companies. Some clients use our services from the inception of an idea through the certification process while others seek our services for narrower portions of their projects.

Working with the FAA and civil aviation authorities worldwide, we secure approval or validation for the designs developed by our team. Additionally, Duncan Aviation holds an ODA from the FAA for STCs, MRAs, and PMAs.

Our ODA unit members are qualified to perform the functions necessary to support timely approval of data for the design changes the engineering team develops. Under the ODA, Duncan Aviation performs these functions on behalf of the FAA, which saves our customers a great deal of time.

For help in getting your idea off the ground, give us a call. 

STC Sales

Duncan Aviation holds more than 500 STCs, producing an average of 12 new STCs each year. Many of these STCs are for sale for interior alterations and avionics upgrades including ADS-B, Broadband & Wi-Fi, FANS, Flight Deck Displays, Synthetic Vision Systems, and more. View our STC Library to find a solution for your aircraft.